Fencing or Sword Fighting?

When you hear the term 'fencing', do you think of  early morning duels with swords and pistols? Or maybe you think of films and TV shows like  Game Of Thrones, The Musketeers, Star Wars or The Hobbit?

In practice, the sport of Fencing isn't exactly like any of these things, but it's probably the closest you're likely to get!

What it is though is an amazing sport that caters for almost any age and fitness level. It will teach you self-discipline, situational awareness and hone your reflexes like you wouldn't believe! Best of all, it's a brilliant way to keep fit - and it's great fun!

17th Feb
Welcome to 2020! We are excited for classes to be starting back this week! Our Tuesday class with Coach Daniel begins this Tuesday, 18th February at 4:30pm. Our new Thursday class starts this week on the 20th and runs from 4-6pm with Coach [more…]
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